Spiritual Immunity 101 ~ Feeling Your Soul.

This being the June blog and folks returning to work, looking for work, been in the house way too long going bat shit crazy and curious about the world. I have missed people and places! There are people too that are concerned about their immune systems. We don’t have control over what has gone on out there but we do have control over how we respond.

At this time we can now prepare ourselves for stress or success. There are many places you can search on the internet that can give you the statistics on how stress and the immune system, health can be affected by stress. This has been a stressful time, not to minimize the happenings around the globe. Many people may be waking and expecting another “cluster fu@k.” In all honesty some people expected days like that before we were going through what we are now, it is extremely intensified.Honestly, we don’t know what is going to happen out there.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus ~ Mark Twain

The problem with adults is that we forgot who we are, we are too be child-like and not childish. Child-like comes from a place of love, childish comes from a place of fear. One of those will bring us stress and the other peace. Child-like is where our focus is going to be, we are going for love and peace! Child-like portrays playfulness and imagination and births our creativity, children don’t worry, they don’t care about gender, race, sexuality, or politics ~ they don’t judge, they only want to kiss everyone’s boo boos. Do you remember now?

I suggest for you to find the focus is through this exercise of Feeling Your Soul, I mean, like what else would you be doing? Maybe you were not able to remember being child-like, finding that creative part of your imagination that believes in you and your dreams, so let’s get back to the start. This gives you something to think about and focus on so you can get your imagination back and your eyes can see clearly what you need to do, what you need to say and to who. Getting still and finding opportunities through your creativity.

I am trying to bring you from intellectualizing, that’s how you get stressed is thinking that you have to have everything figured out. The first thing we have to determine is where is your soul? Some people think it is the heart and that is fine, but technically there is not a scientific place for the soul so everyone really can determine that for themselves and I think my soul is around my solar plexus. Our soul is like our Life Force, consciousness, connection to the Divine. I choose the solar plexus because it is defined as a personal power chakra, but if you’re not into chakras and all that, it is situated in the midst of all the organs that operate the body, the Life Force. The Solar Plexus keeps our organs functioning smoothly and prepares the body to respond to stress, it’s an essential part of our nervous system so why not nurture it? I choose it spiritually because it is in the center of the other chakras and ironically enough it is responsible for our flight (higher) or fight (lower) responses, the idea for me is balance. Soul, solar plex, just try it, please.

This is to be done in the morning before getting out of bed. Allow 10 minutes. Typically, beginning this kind of thing takes 3-5 minutes but I said 10 to allow for distractions/monkey mind.

Instructions for feeling your soul:

If possible, lay on your back, put your hand or hands on your solar plexus or heart, wherever you feel your soul is. If not possible to lay on your back just do what you can within comfort,

Take deep breaths, breathe deep in and hold it then breathe out slowly. Keep doing this. Monkey mind/distractions may come, I mean a scattering of thoughts things done yesterday, things ya need to do today or fear of what will happen tomorrow. Just breathe darling, thank the thought and let it know that you are fine and continue to breathe. You may have to count as you breathe to kind of ward off the other thoughts.

Think about how grateful you are to be laying in that bed and taking those breaths. Remembering that you really don’t know fully what is going to happen when you get out of bed. Your mind can imagine good things as easy as bad, we often times condition our minds to think the negative thinking that is our reality, but the truth is that our thoughts create our reality and where our breath is is our reality, right there, so remember to breathe.

Ask your Divine self to help you create at least one small positive thought for the day and practice, remember to be grateful when that happens.

You will be collecting evidence of the magic, mystery and miracles that you are creating from your imagination and allowing that Divine connection of nurturing through the soul.

After I do this I turn the coffee maker on and do my Perfectly Imperfect workout, it’s one of my bonus videos on YouTube, please subscribe! I am on there as Stacey Reineck, you can also find me on social media. I look forward to getting to know you.

Please let me know how this works for you, you will need to practice, do it more than once. I do hope it helps at least one person. I post videos every Wednesday on YouTube, I plan to explain all this further on Wednesday, June 3rd, please join me!

Thanks so much for reading! See ya soon!

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