Grief, Regret, Forgiveness

I have had personal experience with grief, regret and forgiveness after losing my first born, my only son in March 2011 at the age of 18 years to a tragic accident that took his life as well as the lives of 5 more beautiful young people. We will journey through the relationship of grief and grace. We will look at belief systems and the horror of your pain. We will explore what it takes for you to not let regret, denial and blame  control your thoughts and leave you feeling defensive. You will learn to  allow acceptance and forgiveness of your soul, remembering who you are while honoring your loved one with the most grace-filled presence.

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Relationships, Codependence, Communication

I have worked on Codependence myself in my work, family and intimate relationships. For the last 18 years I have worked with countless others. We will distinguish which feelings and behaviors are learned and which are your authentic self.  We work on setting LOVING boundaries and communicating our wants, needs, desires in a way where we own our feelings and take responsibility for them.  We nurture that inner child that has coping tools that are no longer of service to you.  Do you need help validating yourself and not seeking outside approval? We will look at that too. We learn what is our business, God's or your highest belief systems business, and someone else's business. We take our power back in a kind, loving, confident way!

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Addiction (Alcohol is a drug),Love Addiction, Avoidance

My last time of trying to use "like a normal person" was Friday,  June 13, 1997, June 14th is my clean date.  I have 24 years in recovery. I had to learn to" learn" all over again. There was no way I could possibly know what I didn't know before I began self medicating at 14 years old. I have been more than blessed to share my recovery with many men and women from many walks of life for many years. We will explore the foundation of your spiritual views. Examine your triggers and get acquainted with your emotions so you can restore your thinking process.  I can help you put your life back together again and obtain a life better that you ever imagined with your desire, willingness and cooperation.

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Since 1993

Your Main Message

My services are not limited to Cancun. I work with people all over the world through Instant Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype, face to face.  Working through the internet allows you the convenience to be dedicated and not have to leave home or work, having total discretion and the utmost confidence.

My services are also not limited to addiction, codependency and grief, though that is underneath many issues often times, as is the desire for healing and healthy relationships as well as development of spiritual and soul consciousness. It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin by going within.

I have worked with people from all backgrounds, ages and belief systems with compassion, non-judgement, and a willingness to learn and understand you so you can achieve the purpose that drew you to seeking a Life Coach.

You are not a limited being, you have full potential.

Creating peace mind, body and soul is my goal~


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