A New Heaven and A New Earth ~ What does that mean?

Hello May!!!

This is a much anticipated month as last month and the month prior we were in what I like to call “the pause.” Some places are beginning to open up, here in Mexico we have till the end of the month and it makes me want to put red X’s on the calendar as the days go by, ha! Many lives were/are on hold in uncertainty which called for fear or creativity. I feel that fear can fuel creativity. Creativity is the positive end of fear. We can either be creating the worst outcomes in our minds or imagine and work towards a new outcome.

Even before this crisis I suspect many lived in fear and that may not change and may have been only validated by the isolation of quarantine. For me, I did not keep up to date on the crisis by watching the TV and computer updates all along, I believed y’all enough to take precautions for what I did see and hear from friends and social media. As long as I stayed in my own house or my own backyard or street I remained positive and unaffected, until… I went out for groceries and then, oh my!!! I would go home and think,”what the hell??? What is going on out there???” I would then talk to my friends, some would post or offer up videos so I would know, Lol. It started one week with not being able to touch each other, then the next time I went out a few weeks later people that were not surgeons, or medical personnel were all wearing masks and I could not see a smile anywhere, not even in the eyes so much as I mostly saw fear. I never seen or dreamed of anything like this. I would go into investigative mode upon my return. One of my friends had posted a video suggesting A New Earth, it seemed to resonate the most as I have entertained the conspiracy theories, but they did not totally sell me either, didn’t make total sense. That’s the thing I have known all along is probably somebody messed up somewhere with this stuff and let it out by accident, or the Earth has had all it can take or a combo of everything. This is what I can personally believe.

As a person who believes in a connection between mind, body and soul and in part a creation of this Earth and Universe, I know there is a lot more going on at all times than we realize. Most of the time as humans we are so blinded by the illusion that we have control, and whatever this is or was showed us clearly we are not. It has brought on some powerlessness and seeking or either depression and hopelessness. All of that comes down to our belief systems and some are chemical imbalances that again may be brought on by health issues such as worry and etc… But mental health is not my field so I’m going to stop there on that. Spiritual health and relationships though are what I resonate with so believing in that connection between us all.

After seeing the video it sparked up my interest in a book that had long been on my shelf and had not made it yet to my reading list. It is A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, I know when I read his books I am going to have to concentrate as they are so deep and thought provoking. I am going to share just a smidgen, a small dose to leave you with this month. It is always my hope to help you expand your consciousness in a positive way so I am hoping this helps.

“A new heaven” is the emergence of a transformed state of consciousness and ” a new earth” is the reflection in the physical realm. ~ Eckhart Tolle

As you all know I don’t like titles on my spirituality but most of us in language have a description, some would call me an Omnist, a person who believes in many things and that would be true, but I actually tell people I have an eclectic belief system but whatever I have a huge God, Source, Universe and I know it shines on us all.

Do you equate your heaven with excess at the expense of the earth and humanity? We could have almost seen our end, some did, how do you want to leave it? Did we learn what matters the most?

With all that being said I am hoping as we anticipate going back in public working, seeing smiles, hugging our friends in celebration of being back out that we do so in gratitude and taking with us the consciousness of creation and how to do that with humanity and Our Heaven, otherwise known as Earth. I am hoping people will not forget and be unconscious and dismissive of how we can be good to others and the planet in their scattering to be able to support themselves and their families. Let’s just please individually collectively do our part. This is my offering, this is what I am putting out there, because of how big and expansive our source and consciousness, I know whether this is read in it’s entirety or not I have used my energy for good. It’s that simple intention. Let’s be mindful!

If we don’t agree if we should be out or not, as many are always going to oppose, be kind 🙂

It’s not helpful to be hateful ~ Stacey Reineck

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