About Me

My name is Stacey Reineck and I am a native Texan, I am now living the dream in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. It is where this chapter of my life is now.

I am a Life Coach, I have is  18+ years experience of having a Life Coach myself, 24 years of experience in Addiction and Recovery, 18 years working with Codependency. I have over 30 years of organizing and decorating various places, spaces and homes.Through active listening and commitment I help people compartmentalize and realize their dreams, goals, and visions, clearing seeming obstructions from possible destruction and developing a plan to help them chart their course to their targeted goal gaining the confidence and evidence to keep moving forward to unknowing, unlimited possibilities. My specialty is taking chaos and finding the beauty, inside and out.
I have obtained my Reiki certification in Usui Reiki 1 & 2 and am now able to practice healing Reiki as well like my own Fairy Goddess Mother Life Coach. We often times have trauma stored in the memory of our bodies, I have healed a lot myself through the practice of Reiki. It is especially beneficial when one does not wish to use drugs but does wish to heal trauma from the inside out that is caused by various degrees of dysfunction. I know without my healing old trauma responses and actually processing my own thoughts and perspectives through the help of my Life Coach that I would not be where I am at today. I am not only surviving but thriving living in a beautiful paradise. I am excited to be of service to you and practice all that I have gotten to learn to help you too to heal so you can go forward and live a life that is peace filled where you don't second guess or question your purpose or desires.

Our StoryReflections....

The picture displayed is from the organizing and decorating business I started in 2013, which I loved!!! I had done it many years for myself and various friends, clients, businesses and schools, it was great! I grew up in chaos so I had the passion, desire and hidden knowledge that there is beauty and potential in every obstacle or pain. I loved watching transformations take place as spaces became more attractive, personal and comfortable. It's about us feeling that way too when we look in the mirror. Organizing and Decorating outside or inside our bodies calls for strong listening and communication skills to make sure the client gets the desired outcome. I still maintain excellent relationships with my clients/friends today.
The mirror placing in the pic is still appropriate as what I do now calls us to look at the metaphorical mirror of our life. It is important how we see ourselves. It has often been said that the outside reflects the inside and visa-versa or... the fear thereof.
What I learned about organizing and decorating for people is that often times through transitions or a new "chapter" in their life they called upon these changes, while it might begin as an outside issue we often began looking at inside issues. In the job of unpacking I learned many things about people, some had been carrying around what no longer served them and it was my job to aid them in letting go or find beautiful or forgotten treasures. Sometimes things were hidden under beds, in closets, it was my job to find it, expose it and plan what to do with it, maybe it was a gift/talent or maybe it was something they no longer needed in their life. We are still organizing and decorating, clearing, cleaning, or preserving, but  it's that of the soul ~ it really always was.
  Do you feel as though you have possibilities unpacked and hidden that you are not sure you want to expose or are afraid of?
Are you feeling overwhelmed or afraid or that you don't matter?
Is there something in the way of you achieving your goals?
Are you just not feeling comfortable in your own skin?
Are you ready for a new chapter?
 As a Life Coach, for several years I have been able to help others and be of support with life changes such as addiction, codependency, relationships and grief.  It is a blessing to be a part of many lives. Having a Life Coach can be very empowering!!! At times of feeling overwhelmed, heartbroken, and lost it is great to have someone who is unbiased and not invested in having their way. A Life Coach wants to help you find what you may feel that you have "lost" on the outside and realize that it is in you.
I quit organizing and decorating offices,living spaces, etc., in 2017  when I fulfilled my dream of moving to Cancun, the Caribbean. I now desire what I am passionate about and know  (have done all along)~Coaching others, but through another avenue since I'm in another country. I have the opportunity in this beautiful paradise of meeting people from all over the world. I have worked visually coaching people on-line and am now ready to expand my purpose and passion.
On-line Life Coaching allows me to  help people gain clarity about the dreams, desires and goals. We start by being committed to “the work,” finding the “if” and “why” of obstacles and clearing out the old, sometimes it is healing and sometimes just appealing but with commitment we can see measured progress; less fear and more anticipation of the uncertainties of life, bringing in the new. My goal is to aid you in finding your comfort, yes, but also in helping you recognize the magic, mystery and miracles in this life are for you too through whatever belief system,,, or not, you are comfortable with. I still love to watch the transformation take place! It is even more rewarding in my soul.
Organizing your thoughts and decorating your perspective is the foundation of building and restoration.
Thanks for reading!


Life is a series of chapters, which chapter can I help you with?

Let me help you organize your thoughts and decorate your perspectives!


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