Going from Excess to Success!

This is not at all how we pictured it! A few months back when you looked up success it would show people with large homes in the background leaning against shiny sports cars. I am not at all saying that people don’t have that anymore but I do feel we have recreated the idea of success. The idea of success has meant many things to many people but luxury has been associated with it and we have certainly had to change many of our ideas about luxury here in 2020.

At the beginning of the year I committed to writing a blog a month. They started with our goals and how we are doing and we are in a whole new world than we never imagined and we don’t know when we are going to get to achieve some of those goals or if we ever will or what it will look like when we do.

Some of us have new goals with the “new world” and are trying to sort it out. We are looking forward to when we can travel again, which we are realizing was quite the luxury. We are looking forward to being able to go out to concerts and plays and be entertained outside of our homes. It seems like every time we turn around we have a challenge because we are realizing more and more due to our expectations of what was that we can no more or don’t know when if ever do what we want.

Some people had goals as of getting into shape, many thought a gym was a necessity to do this, but we are realizing with the gym, the beauty salons, spas, bars, sports events and etc., are luxuries, not necessities. Getting back to basics. It was so subtle how these things one by one turned to luxuries. We now have the opportunity to find our authentic selves with a sense of humor and play.

We did not expect ” A New Year, A New Me!” to look this way.

What this is requiring of us is to take on a different consciousness with all this uncertainty. There are the polarities that I love to talk about. In all seriousness these are hard times for many and these times are going to call for our humanity. People need help on so many levels, it’s not just charity to get “write-offs,” many of us will have the opportunity to share what we have whether it be an ear, money, food, gifts/talents, prayers/good vibes, love and laughter without expectation just from the heart which is the up-side and the way we needed to be all along, the way I believe we were intended to be. With all the luxury though and having to pay for it all we just didn’t have time. People were stressed out having to get from point A to point B and now those points are gone to be made new by the “new world.”

Some folks may be feeling like they can’t handle this, or why they are here. There is no better time than this to realize our gifts and share. Many of us were distracted by our phones and now we live in them and our computers.

I always loved being able to get out and fellowship with friends but cherish it even more so now. The TV, phone, and computer are no substitute for human interaction, I think many of us are missing that a great deal. It is my prayer that we will once again be able to be in public without masks, seeing smiles with respect of space. I don’t know though if we will but I have to believe that if I am sincerely praying for something that it will happen but like everything else not in my time.

Which brings me to the issue of time. We really have re-evaluated that too haven’t we? On those polar ends once again. If things progress too quickly and we go back to the “entitled” ways that we once had with luxury will we have taken to heart the connection between the Earth, humans and the necessity of care and compassion for both? Are we going to be willing to reduce our “excess” to keep the planet and people of it alive?

I don’t know the answers and even if I did I have no doubt there would be an argument because in this time of fear and uncertainty it seems like a lot of people are in each others business and doing a lot fighting out of fear and needing validation that they are doing the “right thing” or know what is best. It is sad that there is a lot of judgment instead of compassion and I fear that will lower immune systems and destroy even more than the losses we already have.

You don’t need validation, you just need to take care of yourself during this uncertain time and what we need is kindness and compassion. Listen and offer strength to another. It is a frustrating time as we adapt until further notice let’s remember we are all in this together and even those who are learning that excessive living is no longer the standard when so many are struggling need compassion too, many people are depressed with the “new normal.” Let’s all be respectful and kind. Live like it is your last day, and possibly others who may get on your nerves and how you want to be remembered. Success is the impact that you leave in this world no matter how big or small.

Much Peace and Love!

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