Grief ~ March Newsletter

Hello everyone! As I mentioned in my videos this month is March Madness for me, meaning that I am discussing grief, processes and perspectives.

In the first video, “Grief ~ to be Respected not Rejected” was the qualifier, explaining my experiences with grief come from the loss of my Dad, he was 58 years old at the time the end of March 2002, then my son, Calvin, 18 years old on March 6, 2011. They were the two most important men in my life as one took part in creating me and I took part in creating the other, we were all cosmically passing on to the next some form of the life, definite DNA, genetics and even social issues. Their importance in my life seems infinite and beyond words, however, grief leads us on a grand adventure in which we go crying, kicking, screaming and searching.

In the second video I quoted a poem by Khalil Gibran on Children, the poem shares the beauty of our children coming through us but being more a part of Divinity rather than anything we could create for them, they have their own minds, dreams and thoughts. This video touched on Codependency and our perspectives, where did we first learn how to grieve, and do those thoughts and ideas make sense and serve our souls today?

This week we will take a look at “Pre-Birth Plans or Agreements,” the choices we make in our lives. When we can let go of our old tapes and belief systems we can open up to more Divine thoughts and acceptance. Acceptance is probably the most commonly used tool for Grief as we peel the layers away. What if when we are born, growing and learning we are trying to find out who we are, when we lose loved ones after attaching identities to them it calls us once again to figure out who we are. Sometimes we try to figure out why this happened, birth is called a mystery and death is a mystery too and both are an integrated part of our lives.

The final week we will take a look at some of the mysteries of Life and Death. We often question did they know? What does this mean? And again of course the above why once again. I don’t know if we will ever find the answers, again many think they know from belief systems but I challenge that. I am not saying there are not Divine plans, I just don’t think we know … or maybe we do. I honestly like the movie “What Dreams May Come,” I dare think the after-life is unlimited and is more than we can imagine or hope it can be but just as grand adventure of living in the physical.

I thank you for reading this! please feel free to follow me, Stacey Reineck on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I look forward to any thoughts or input you may have.

Be well ~ Peace

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