Reiki, The Hidden Healing

As of lately I have had the opportunity to practice Reiki on a few people who have never had it before. I, myself, had reiki practiced on me in 2003 for the first time, almost 20 years ago. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received. I did not know what to think about it at first, I had gotten on the massage table and had monkey mind going on, I thought it was cool to just be still and not focused like that of being a dentist chair but my mind was imagining healing as in movies and such, and I just didn’t know how to feel. I kept coming back in for the counseling and reiki therapy learning about chakras, all kinds of mystical things about how it helped me mind, body and soul, which was pretty exciting! It was done through my Life Coach who I call my “Fairy Goddess Mother,” I would not have the life I have today without her and her healing practices on me. I know that the Divine was truly working through her, as I have grown I have wanted to be able to do the magical, mystical, miraculous healing that she performed on me. I have come a long way, overcame so many fears and false beliefs about myself developed through childhood. I came to realize I am so much more than I had given myself credit for. I now desire to help others establish that relationship with their self, cells and soul. I became a certified Usui Reiki practitioner in December of 2020 at the urging (though I already had the desire) to move forward from my own Fairy Goddess Mother and it was that easy, it all came together that I was gifted the Reiki course because of another person’s belief in me to extend and expand the healing sessions that I do.

Reiki is a healing art established in Japan but many people relate it to many different faiths though established in Buddhism as far as the history and education that I have, but made it to the Western World in 1970. Many different faiths have spoken of hands on healing, the laying of hands and etc… This is true! Reiki is an energy, Rei is the higher mind or consciousness and is filled with compassion, grace, love, peace and wisdom ~ Ki is attached and affects the physical body, mind and emotions. So in all Reiki is the primal energy of the universe being guided by the highest wisdom of the Universe. I was excited to find that William Lee Rand had also studied Rosicrucianism as I do too, which really gives us the science and biology class we had in high school but in a healing, mystical way. I look at it like this, we can learn now or we can learn later the magnificence of the creation of our bodies as we forget how intertwined and magical our systems are in our part of creation, understanding of the material and spiritual realms and our relationship with it . I love this stuff!!! I know for me as I have already told you how beneficial it is to my life. I truly believe because of the Reiki and healing the past through the trauma that was set in my chakras I have been able to attain that childlike innocence and spirit of who I have always been, that when we are grown we get bogged down continuing to unknowingly escape old hurts and wounds through what we “think” we are “supposed” to be doing. This kind of thinking stunts our real growth and freedom to be who we actually are intended to be that we don’t have to wait till our bodies don’t function as they did and wish we had lived a different life than we lived.

Reiki works with the chakras but promotes healing of the past which extends/expands into our emotional feelings and then contributes to our health. I am not saying that all thoughts extend into our health, I am not a doctor but stress management and coping skills often affect our health and performance in life. So if we we’re not stressed from our thoughts or even ailments themselves how much more time and quality of life could we have? Most human beings have had some kind of trauma, real or perceived, that extends into our thoughts as well as “old tapes,” programming that no longer serves us. Reiki healing can possibly connect us to better emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and even financial health and abundance. This is actually what the Divine whoever you perceive them to be wills for us. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control but if we can get in touch with our Soul we have the ability to overcome. So here are some of the ways that Reiki has been used per the book by William Lee Rand, The Reiki Touch. When a person receives a Reiki treatment the Reiki energy flows into the client’s energy field and around the organs and tissues. The results and recognitions extends into hospitals such as It has been offered at: M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas; National Institutes of Health Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center, Portsmouth Regional Hospital and others.

My thoughts and how I extend healing is it can remove negative or blocked energy that keeps us from being grounded (in our bodies) so that we are less apt to accidents by not being present. It heals the energy field of relationships due to fears generated from past traumas. It can heal our ego/solar plexus where much of the thoughts and perspectives due to trauma invade our health systems through our parasympathetic/sympathetic response systems that affect our organs through what is going on with us in our eating/drinking and breathing regulation or lack of. Our heart is included in these organs that are affected by our coping skills and the responses that we may unknowingly be having causing our health to be affected, we can be proactive and open our hearts through healing or eventually have “open heart” surgery. The chakra above that is in our neck called the “truth” chakra, generally as humans we don’t realize the power of our minds, bodies and souls and we tend to play small and not live the truth of who we are, so the glands in those parts can affect our health as well as our speech and hearing so it is very important to nurture those and make sure we are in alignment with our truth (not someone else’s version past or present). Then we get to the third eye, our intuition or inner knowing, the inner knowing helps us guide our decision making to be in alignment of our wants, needs and desires so we can get the magical results through patience of knowing and not doubting ourselves because of the illusion of time. Then when we get to the top of our head we know the Divine within ourselves, cells and soul to know the God or Higher Power of our choosing is guiding us not worries, doubts and fears but to empowerment and wisdom beyond our years. We are making choices that are best for us but also best for humanity’s highest good as our conscience allows. We are walking in a way that is welcoming to people because all this energy has lightened our load, all weighed on our soul and made us more inviting and approachable.

In my sessions I usually take a few moments to chat with the client to see where we can set an intention for healing and a desired goal. It is often times that the old programming of the subconscious mind needs to be nurtured so the healing can begin to heal the uncovered gifts that have been buried under the pain of the past so the client can then maintain a more conscious relationship with the self, cells and soul, relieving them and opening them to new possibilities as all living beings grow with nurturing. It is truly rewarding to visibly see the client getting up after receiving their reiki treatment obviously looking more peaceful and relaxed but knowing that they are in alignment with their highest and best good.

Life is an adventure! I studied the martial arts and became familiar with the chi and the mind being able to see past through boards and bricks, obstacles if you will to break barriers. I get to do that as well in my coaching, I didn’t know then that I would be coaching people how to do that in so many ways or that I would be putting my hands on someone extending healing energy. We are amazing as human beings!!! We forget that. I am grateful to have gotten to experience so much on my adventures and share the values that I have gained through them; attitude, perseverance, open-mindedness, humility, grace, strength, clarity, focus, patience and more. Because I have not only learned it but practiced and developed it within myself I realize that I am not limited, you are not limited. Through these experiences I get to have the attitude now that I have lived over half of my life, “NOW WHAT?” in a good way. I am excited to see what my next adventure is, I don’t have time for bs and whining or getting old, I have things to do! I am not living a different life than I would have wished I lived even with the tragedies, traumas, and stupid stories, the recovery and adventure has kept my life from being boring. I aspire to be like the heroes that I love, I know they don’t have to be celebrity, they can be like my Fairy Goddess Mother healing a ripple, wave, storm at a time extending over time like the mystics, authors, and philosophers.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read! I appreciate you 🙂