Product / Service #1

I am known for objective listening and then responding in a loving but no bs way helping you create achievable and trackable goals. I offer 1 hour consultations for $100.00 U.S. Dollars so you can see if we are a good fit, then if you are interested in following through then we will have 50 minute sessions, suggested every other week with a $70.00 U.S. Dollar charge per session.


Product / Service #2

I am truly dedicated to helping you see measurable growth, if you are truly committed I offer a discount for 6 sessions purchased at one time of $365.00 U.S. reserving you a place/space every week or every other week at the time convenient for you. I too am truly committed to seeing and charting your growth, it is rewarding for me as well to see your life take the desired outcome for the money and time invested.

Product / Service #3

I am willing to speak to a group or public event on a desired subject that would be beneficial to you and me, providing I feel I have what you need to reach your audience.

Please know that if for any reason I don't have information on the topic I will try to find someone who does.

The end goal in this whole business is to make this world a better place as an individual, group and as a whole. This is a diverse universe and it is unlimited and there is something for everyone here~

Next Steps...

 How this works is you contact me either through here, email, Instant Messenger, or WhatsApp. I then schedule your appointment time and send an invoice through Pay Pal and after you pay your appointment is secured.

If you’re ready to move forward now, PayPal is our preferred method of Secure Online Payment.

[email protected]

Thanks so much!