The Weight of the World!

My apologies for writing this blog a little later this month, I try to have it up by the first of the month but have been feeling uninspired and I am really sorry about that. I want to provide you with inspiring, valuable soul felt information that you can relate to and understand, maybe this still will.

I think that many of us are feeling that there is a “heaviness” in the energy around lately. Besides the outside influences/media posting drama, chaos and division everyday. We also have our lives going on inside of our homes which is actually “real life,” and what our very own thoughts and perspectives are without being overwhelmed with the opinions of others in our face on a daily basis.

“The weight of the world is love. Under the burden of solitude, under the burden of dissatisfaction.” ~ Allen Ginsburg

All of these issues being argued and causing division and it is frustrating what “the world” has seemed to resort to. What are we supposed to do?

This is off topic so bear with me, we have a dog in our house who appears to be suddenly dying. He is an English Setter and is part of the reason for my tardiness, and while I apologize for being tardy I don’t apologize for missing time comforting “Bub.” I have been crying every day for almost a week and could not imagine what I would write about. Bub has always loved and comforted everyone who has come into our home. We call him the “love Bub.” He has the sincerest eyes, most regal prance, he’s beautiful. Everyone loves Bub! About six weeks ago Bub suddenly started having problems, he is only seven years old. So I am grieving the Bub we had as we are watching him deteriorate. he’s not in pain now but we are loving him as much as we can until we can’t. All this being said it brings me to the grief of the world, that’s what is heavy. Is this dog taking on the grief of the world? I don’t know but I have thought about it as he has always been so sensitive. Animals don’t think about self-sacrifice, have boundaries, and don’t worry about conditions but yet I believe them being a sensitive material manifestation they can mirror or reflect back to us, their sensory systems are way more sensitive that ours as they have no logic or rationality, just love. They are most of our first experiences with grief.

So there we have it, grief and love. With grief there comes so much fear of losing what we love and that is where we are at in this world. With the obvious uncertainty there are some valid fears. Fear is paralyzing, but gives you time to think about the solution or possibilities. If we can do that instead of letting the depression take over and put the fear into action. By that I mean, if your depression is keeping you in bed for more than one or two days then you need to put into action seeking medical help. I know what scares me is that some people have a problem for every solution, you see they don’t understand their creativity. They are not understanding their imagination for they have it confused with their reality, problems create an expectation and visa~versa, part of an endless loop.

If we can break down the fears as we sit in the paralyzing pain and give them thoughts of love and possibility, this is where the imagination comes in. We feel defeated when we don’t understand the power of the polarities, sometimes folks are just used to feeling a certain way that they forget their Divinity and Divinity is found in understanding that if this can happen the opposite can happen too, hence where you are coming from fear and love. So if one has lost a job at this time I know in my past before I discovered my imagination and that reality was not the fears I gave it, it looked like this, I might have said,” There are so many people looking for a job I am not going to find one,” that is not a true and rational statement but a curse that we put on ourselves that feed that crazy circle of rationalizing and justifying from fear. We do fear pain and rejection and it is a part of life because without it we could not know love and acceptance. I have learned to live by even the polarity of living from the inside out instead of the outside in. You see only we have the power to change things within ourselves, we can only do what we can do on an individual level. People outside of ourselves aren’t going to fix us! The President, riots, opinions of others are not ever going to free souls and empower us. It is unfortunate that we have learned through society to get validation from the outside in. It’s not easy to look at ourselves instead of distractions that feed our opinions, much of which were fed to us by others in the first place, now there are so many opinions that feed the anger that is indeed a part of grief too as all this is being projected outwards.

What heals all this pain? LOVE! When we take ourselves or our children to the doctor it is out of love and we want to know what the problem is and how did it happen so we can HEAL and not do it again. There is a need to do this for ourselves to strengthen society, peace comes from within. These things going on outside have gone on before they are being magnified by the media, it’s all true and it’s all not true just like the polarities, reality comes from within our thoughts and perspectives and to expect or even need other people to agree with us all the time is unrealistic and when it does not happen it would be nice if we could stand on our own instead of firing insults back and forth and realize that while it may be true for one person it is not for the other and that both sides may have a valid argument and that it is not about one side being right but the mature thing to do is to find an honorable solution.

Hate cannot drive out hate: Only love can do that ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

There are so many solutions out there as the systems are breaking down. We have opportunities! Examples: sustainable communities, new school systems that teach consciousness and consideration, government and state systems too that give more freedom, responsibility and independence. We could change so much through problem solving skills. I know people are afraid, it’s important at this time to have faith, some have faith in God, some don’t, that’s okay. We cannot force opinions on others, we need to stop that because that is what is causing the division. If one honestly ask themselves why they are doing that I am pretty certain the answer would be fear, fear of what? Is it happening right now? If we stay present and have faith and do what we are convicted to do instead of trying to get an army or team to validate our uncertainty to be certain. Fear is a defense mechanism, many of our fears never happen so was that energy spent necessary or valuable?

Seek solutions, how was a problem fixed before and grow from that, the lessons learned. On an individual level, people learn more from people by their own actions, not these harsh words. These words are so heartbreaking to see on these screens, when we say something ugly to or about someone else because it came out of our mouth it is a reflection of us, do you want to be a part of a group that does those things? Where our attention and energy goes grows. If we spend most of the energy on what we don’t want it will grow too.

Back to Bub, we have spent a great deal of time and money at the Vet’s and are doing the best we can to make sure he knows the love and value he brings to our lives. He will never be back the way he was but we can nurture him, we need to do with this beautiful perfectly imperfect world and all that goes with it as well. We see once again how things can happen in an instant, we are not strangers to this and don’t even entertain mundane but cherish every moment and know that there are solutions if we are doing the best we can, it isn’t always the solution we would choose but understand some things we have no control over and use our energy wisely and keeping attention on the value of life and love. There is a reason, season and a lifetime for everything and when things expire we grieve, we all do individually, are we healing though? Are we living from the inside out rather than the outside in?

I am going to spend time with Bub now before work. I will leave you with this:

Love is the bottom line!

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