I stood on the beach a few days ago observing the waves. I thought this would make a good topic for the blog, then dismissed it, but then it came back just like a wave.

When I was pondering the waves the other day I thought of them going in and back out just like positivity then doubt. When I do my prayers I see obstacles go out and possibilities coming in, new adventures to begin. I stand on the shore with my feet in the sand grounded in the Earth, having divine ideas and giving them birth; then the water comes in and washes over my feet, water has the ability to dissolve doubts and fears, not to repeat. I stand there feeling free though breathing in the air, knowing there are endless possibilities everywhere; feeling the warm sun, anticipating doing some things I have never done; the fire of the sun bringing warmth and light, knowing that everything is going to be alright. All of the elements all seemingly positive and they are.

On the other end though, the Earth can have earthquakes and heartaches; the water can have hurricanes, tsunami’s and flood much grief and misunderstood; the air can produce tornado’s before you even know, and fires can burn down forest, homes and more, even the most valuables we adore. So that would appear to be the negative. We aren’t going to pay too much attention here because we certainly aren’t interested in producing those things, let’s be clear.

However, when we take a look at what “waves” are they are energy, you know associated with synergy. As I looked at those waves with wonder, I thought of the many different types of waves that there are and how often the word “waves” are measured near and far. The first is that as babies we learn to wave to greet, the smiling people we meet. Then we go to school and being an American the first song we learn is the “amber waves of grain,” you know from America the Beautiful, we sang it again and again. We had a roller coaster called a Shock Wave when I was a child, it was fun, it was wild. I thought about the waves of grief, which are probably most popular and really sad because we lost someone or something we love we feel really bad. There are microwaves that heat food really fast now waiting is a thing of the past. Sound waves to measure vibrations of the noises that are pleasures or sensations. Waves of emotion, waves of things, physics or science have a ton of waves, we have brain waves, waves of elation… you get the idea and are now probably thinking of even more waves, it could go on for days and days. Did you ever think about waves before? I mean how they go from sea to shore. As I said they are energy for the most part we see them as positive but they could go negative because the waves have positive and negative polarities and we can be accepting of that… or not. People even wave when they’re hot. If one is at a baseball game the crowd does a wave too, to let their team know they are rooting for you.

We don’t really spend a lot of time judging or justifying the waves. I am relating this to our experience in 2020, more than enough waves, we experienced plenty. But as we are in the last month, I think as we reflect upon all the waves of uncertainty we have surf, we are tired and ready for land, for turf. However, I think that the waves of grief were the worst, many people left this planet and that really hurts. We will keep riding these waves until we see you again, much love and respect, lover, family or friend.

This year has been a revolutionary year, one that movies will be made about when they can, for now we are watching more “on demand.” Even the movie industry was affected by this years pandemic, as it has affected all systemic. The schools were affected, sports were affected, jobs were affected, health professionals were affected everything and all were subjected.

It became a “whole new world” seemingly out of nowhere, very surreal, so much chaos, we didn’t know what to do when we went anywhere. Mask, sanitizer, what could one touch and touch not, get over here and stand on this spot. We couldn’t go one a ship nor a plane and had no idea when we could do it again. We were cooped up in the house all alone, sometimes with people who would bitch and moan. No beach, no shows, it totally sucked and everyone knows!

We still don’t know what is going to happen as we now head into 2021, we are now at least allowed to have a little fun. Still mask on at a safe distance, keeping that immune system resistant. We don’t know whether to be excited because this year is going to be over or what will happen next year, there are still many in shock and fear. We are now hearing of vaccines that bring hope, maybe it will help those compromised to better cope.

It’s hopeful that we take more than a mask back from this year, may the only mask we wear on waves be with snorkel or scuba gear. Thoughts and perspectives can be as crazy as the waves that rush to shore and then recede back to sea, out to uncertainty in to serenity. I hope that in 2021 peace will be easier to come by, and gratitude plenty as we travel from the sea to the sky. I hope now we can contemplate what is excess and waste and choose more meaningful with better taste. I hope that when we can give a hug, it’s not just something we do but heartfelt too. So much to be grateful for and look forward to when this year is through. So I pray that you will keep hope in your heart for 2021 is a great place to start. May you not attach to the waves knowing how many come and go and change in days. Waves of many varieties not good or bad, know things will change when you are happy or sad.

I hope that you have not found my last blog of 2020 too corny as this whole year seems to have no rhyme or reason, it really has and there is even more meaning to the season. We have to appreciate what we have when we have it, things can change in an instant. Don’t wait to do the things you have put off, especially forgiveness and love, for they are the same. even if you can’t live with another in life’s game, you can free them from your soul and allow you both room to grow.

That’s all! Thanks for humoring me if you read this whole thing!

I love Dr. Seuss and relate can you tell, I know it’s goofy

Have a great day and all be well 🙂

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